Electrotek provides a wide range of Wireless and IP nurse call systems, products and services for Residential Aged Care, Retirement Living, Day Clinics and Allied Health facilities.

Wireless Nurse Call

The INDUNA Wireless Nurse Call system has been designed and built based on secure Inovonics wireless technology using the 915-928 MHz mesh radio networked technology (Radio Frequency protocol).

With more than 10 million Inovonics wireless devices deployed across the world, this is proven to be robust and reliable. All transmitters used in this range are UL2560 certified. Because it is not Wi-Fi, if the Wi-Fi network goes down it does not impact your Nurse Call system – it is totally autonomous and keeps operating regardless.

The INDUNA Wireless system also offers an industry first—wireless annunciators. With no difficult and costly cabling, this makes adding annunciators to an existing facility a quick, cost-effective and reliable solution especially where an incumbent system is being replaced.

Features of INDUNA Wireless system (with ECall Alarm Server):

  • Advanced reporting capabilities – report by site / area / call point / client / priority level
  • Easily generated graphical reports which can be automated and emailed to relevant staff
  • Advanced messaging capabilities – integrates to a wide range of messaging platforms for a broad scope of message escalation options
  • Wireless repeaters do not require any cabling other than power from a local power source
  • Day to day maintenance easily be done by onsite staff
  • Call point batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years (dependant on use) and can be easily changed by onsite maintenance personnel
  • Fully monitored with each radio device (call point, resident pendants, smoke detectors, repeaters) reporting into monitoring software every 60 minutes
  • Optional resident location – activating a mobile wireless pendant anywhere within a care facility locates a resident for fast care staff response
  • Optional Staff Duress location – activating an alarm on a personal duress pendant locates care staff anywhere within the care facility for fast response
  • Using radio devices and the INDUNA Dementia Profiler Controller, the INDUNA Dementia Management system can be added in an existing room without the need for costly wiring

Wireless Nurse Call for small nursing homes and health professional practices

The INDUNA LITE Nurse Call system is primarily designed for ease of use, compliance, simplicity in maintenance and budget appeal. It is a high quality, low cost Nurse Call solution suitable for small patient care environments, such as dental surgeries, cancer treatment clinics, doctors’ surgeries, day procedure clinics, sleep clinics and small residential care facilities. With secure wireless technology using mesh radio networked technology, it has been proven to be safe and robust with more than 10 million Inovonics Wireless devices deployed across the world. All transmitters used in this range are UL2560 certified.

Tailored to your needs, INDUNA LITE Wireless Nurse Call system includes patient safety alert and output options such as paging and annunciation. If you want to invest in a reliable product but only want to pay for what you require, INDUNA LITE is created for you.

INDUNA IP Nurse Call

The INDUNA IP Nurse Call system is specifically designed to support the rapidly changing and diverse needs of Australian aged care and allied health sectors. Utilising cutting edge IP and Cat5/6 structured cabling topology INDUNA IP Nurse Call provides solutions designed for your current needs with versatile options for the future.

Nurse Call messaging, workflow and alarm management

ECall Alarm Server is a total software solution for healthcare facilities. Simple and intuitive to operate, ECall Alarm Server has extensive reporting capabilities. ECall’s software is product agnostic to seamlessly communicate across varied platforms such as Nurse Call systems, DECT, paging and messaging systems, wireless and Wi-Fi systems, Fire Interface Panels and mobile devices. Resident care focussed, ECall is your total staff and business efficiency solution for messaging, workflow and alarm management.

Integration with many different systems gives you your ‘best fit’ solutions’, whether it be an old system installed 10 years ago with limited support or the newest generation. ECall delivers seamless integration with old systems or full cutting-edge fitouts.

We cover an extensive range of inputs and outputs – Serial, Ethernet UDP/TCP, LED displays, email, DECT, Text, Paging, Voice, Hardwired and Wireless infrastructure.

Want to send alarms offsite after hours? No problem, ECall connects to your preferred alarm monitoring station.