Through the use of smart digital devices, nursing workflows have been simplified across Australia by enabling them to have intra- and inter-team communication and patient-triggered calls.

Nurse call systems are an integral part of aged care and assisted living facilities’ communication systems.

At Electrotek we understand that, since the Royal Commission, nurse call systems are increasingly playing a major role in effective communication and safety throughout Australian aged care facilities. What makes us distinctive is our 15 years’ experience and the dedicated team of highly skilled electronics engineers, field technicians, administrative support, and operations team.

As a leading example of current and emerging standards in nurse call system technology, Electrotek features the Wireless System, INDUNA, which is a completely personalised best fit solution.

INDUNA has a platform that enables integration into existing systems and current and emerging technologies. This system provides operational business intelligence through in-depth reporting functionality. It has a variety of systems including Hardwired, IP, and Wireless.

All facilities, large and small, are now able to afford and implement emerging nurse call solutions.

The INDUNA system is extremely easy to install, use and maintain so in itself a cost-effective solution. However, emerging technology is now available to all facilities due to Electrotek’s solution engineering capacity to refurbish enhance or add value to any existing nurse call systems. Restricted budgets are no longer defining the success of the nurse call systems and the related staff training.

Theo Kuppens, Electrotek Managing Director explained “As a major industry supplier we began our business in 2006 because we saw an acute need in the Nurse Call market to integrate new technology with existing products.

Based in Brisbane, we provide local support to clients across Australia. For us, it’s about providing a ‘best fit’ solution for our valued customer partnerships!”

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