Two complimentary Australian leaders in technology solutions providing unified services for the Health and Aged Care sectors.

There is a recognised growing trend of collaboration across Australia’s healthcare and life science sectors seeing an increase in teamwork between a variety of public and private organisations, healthcare providers, research institutions, tech vendors, and even competitors.

But not so well known is the evolution of a proud new collaboration between two outstanding organisations in the provision of solution and technological innovation to reduce risk, manage staff duress and increase patient care in Health and Aged Care.

Proudly Australian, Electrotek, and Medical Design Innovations are committed to the concept that together they will provide better-integrated solutions for all of our customers’ excellence in their innovation, solutions, custom design, and service.

Neil Davey, Electrotek Chief Engineer, and Daniel Visser, General Manager of Medical Designs Innovations, agree that they have come together primarily through mutual respect for Australian-owned and operated business with a focus on high-quality solutions and manufacturing and customer care.

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