Managing the risk of ‘Alarm Fatigue’

Sophisticated clinical technology has become an integral part of resident and patient care with devices enabling staff to manage their care tasks more effectively.

‘Alarm fatigue’ is an unexpected downside of these efficiency gains in the aged care environment. As new devices are introduced, the number of alarms to which a healthcare professional may be exposed may be as high as 1000 alarms per shift.  Many frontline staff are finding the proliferation of devices and systems is making it more difficult for them to do their job safely and efficiently.

As defined by the US Food and Drug Administration Joint Commission, ‘Alarm fatigue occurs when nurses are so bombarded by alarm signals that they become desensitised, resulting in missed alarms and delayed response times.’ Their research, carried out over a 5-year period, suggested that between 72 and 99 percent of clinical alarms were false. That not only can it interrupt clinical workflow, but the Commission also reported over 500 alarm-related patient deaths in five years.

Queensland-based supplier of nurse call systems and solutions, Electrotek understands the criticality of risk management. They provide affordable state-of-the-art monitoring and alarm devices for staff duress, care time monitoring, and employee, customer, and resident safety in the Australian environment. Electrotek design, monitor, and maintain systems and are specialists in providing appropriate solutions, for the Health and Aged Care sectors, including technical and educational solutions to ‘Alarm Fatigue’.

Electrotek leaders, Theo Kuppens and Neil Davey take pride in their consultative approach and the provision of appropriate solutions. They advise organisations in selecting only the right monitors (i.e., avoiding over monitoring) and recommend that correct, judicious selection of alarm limits, and multimodal alarms can all reduce the number of nuisance alarms to which the health care workers are exposed.

Theo explained “Alarm Fatigue’ has steadily emerged as a priority safety concern due to the continuing development of alarm systems. Addressing this problem is greatly benefitting the nursing profession. Our intelligent range of INDUNA Nurse Call System(1) and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) (1)) stand alone in the marketplace. Easy to use, install, and maintain our Australian solution engineering now has the capacity to refurbish, enhance or add value to any existing Systems.”

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Cleo Anderson

Office Administrator

Cleo is an experienced administrator with a strong history working in large corporate settings and was the National Operations Support Lead for a big not-for-profit organisation. Other strings to her bow include marketing, as well as a demonstrated ability to manage and coordinate a multitude of tasks.

Cleo’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Accounting/Business Administration and a Diploma of Community Services Management.

She’s not only the smiling face around the office, but also oversees all the administrative functions and provides operation support and manages compliance.

Joseph Dass

Electronic Technician

Joseph holds years of experience maintaining and installing Radio Broadcast equipment, Drive-Through equipment, Public Address systems, as well as Nurse Call systems with private health and large medical practices. His experience working with electronic equipment extends to cable installation, maintaining radio repeaters, paging and dect phone systems. He enjoys all facets of his role, including the on-site, installations and customer interactions, as much as he enjoys the pre-install workshop preparation required in making nurse call equipment specific to individual customer needs and bespoke modifications.


  • Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Broadcast Technician Certificate
  • Diploma in Christian Ministry.

Jan Dela Cerna

Operations Manager

Jan holds the challenging position of Operations Manager at Electrotek and has been integral to the success of the company since 2015  and is involved with different aspects of operations, including servicing, installation, manufacturing, technical support, warehouse management, project management, and leading a team of technicians across Australia. 

Jan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Diploma in Project Management.

Neil Davey

Chief Engineer

Neil has worked in a variety of sectors in an engineering and development capacity, his roles include Research and Development with CRC for Microtechnology on Athlete Monitoring with the Australian Institute of Sport. Neil’s name is prominent on multiple patents.

Neil’s functions include the technical direction of the company, guidance and oversite of hardware and software systems.

Previously Neil has held product development roles, from prototype stage to small scale production. The development of engine control system for LPG and LNG fuel delivery to heavy vehicles, as well as the development of onboard data collection and monitoring systems for heavy vehicles (surface and underground).

Neil has underpinned not only the technical requirements of Electrotek, but the team as well, training and providing guidance to the team of technicians.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Microelectronic Engineering (Hons)
  • Master of Philosophy

Belinda Kuppens

General Manager

Belinda has over 30 years’ experience in executive support and office management positions through small companies and corporate, including FMCG’s, leading accounting firm and Telstra (in Australia).  She was integral to creating and growing Electrotek where she now holds the role of General Manager.

Belinda’s passion for success in business and in caring for customers drives her to lead from the ground up extracting the best from her team and for her customers.

Belinda holds various supporting qualifications including Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Theo Kuppens

Managing Director

Theo Kuppens is the Managing Director of Electrotek, an established provider of emergency communication, electronic security, and telephony solutions within the health and aged care industries.

With over 30 years industry experience, he has a broad background and experience in technology covering Information Technology (IT), electronics, telecommunications, audio-visual engineering, and electronic security.

With this industry knowledge and experience, he is well placed to look at technology issues facing clients within the health and aged care sectors from a solutions-based perspective rather than the traditional product “one shoe fits all” methodology.

He is still “hands-on” and, together with the engineering and technical team, continues to look at evolving technologies that will improve operational efficiencies, staff safety, and reduce “cost of ownership” of installed systems by empowering onsite maintenance personnel.


  • Diploma of Electronic Engineering.
  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Certificate IV in Marketing
  • Telecommunications Electrician/Mechanic

Marc Prospero


Marc has held numerous C-suite positions at small to medium enterprises, large public companies and the Not For Profit sector. He has worked across multiple industries including health, security, law enforcement, education, retail, real estate and government. Marc holds master level qualifications in business administration and public policy, and he lectures part-time at the Australian Catholic University (Executive Education – Business, Leadership and Risk).