Your need is our focus.

Our technicians have specialties across a broad spectrum of applications. Whilst our primary focus is Nurse Call Systems, we also offer expert repairs, upgrades and maintenance for:

  • Patient Wandering solutions
  • DECT Phones
  • Paging systems
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Intercom systems
  • Medical and personal alert dialers

Whatever the application, efficiency and effectiveness are the foundations of our approach. Your need will be attended to with efficiency, and the repair will be conducted with effectiveness.

Nurse Call Systems

Having a Nurse Call system is one thing, keeping in premium operating efficiency is another. We can help to ensure this happens. Your residents, clients, patients need your attention, so you don’t need to get distracted by maintenance issues.

You choose how you utilise our maintenance services so it dovetails into the operation of your core business. For some, the best way is a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT, for others it is ON DEMAND. 24/7 service is available whichever way you choose.

Service Level Agreements

With a Service Level Agreement (SLA), we take away the burden of scheduling maintenance from you. We do the thinking for you.

This means we contact you when the annual audit is due.

Whether an annual audit is legislated for your facility or not, it is always part of “Best Practice” operation. The annual audit ensures your system is functioning suitably and all ancillary gear is likewise. On completion (including any required Post Audit Repairs) you will be given a certificate of compliance.

SLAs also offer a designated Service Fee below our standard rate. This rewards you for your loyalty to and partnership with us.

For more details of the benefits available to you by entering into an SLA with us, please contact us.

On Demand

Maybe you would prefer to “try us out” before making a commitment to an SLA. We understand and respect this choice. Therefore, you can utilise our service and support on an “as needed” basis.

Whenever we undertake service on any site, the primary objective is to ensure minimal interruption to your service delivery, and maximum performance from the equipment you have installed. Our first obligation is to return your existing equipment to premium functionality, but where that is not possible, we will recommend alternatives available to you.

Custom Engineering

Often, a Nurse Call System will be functioning OK overall, but due to outdated technology, or cessation of business by the manufacturer/distributor, support and replacement parts may no longer be available and the system would operate below capacity without replacement parts, and replacing the system would be horrendously expensive. This could leave you in a less than desirable position.

Many clients have come to us with such a dilemma. So, responding to their need, we have “custom engineered” a solution for them. This can be the creation of a replacement part, or the development of a software driven solution. For example, if a Nurse Call System requires a unique pendant for patient operation, but the pendants are no longer manufactured or available, we have developed new connection plugs, so universal pendants can be substituted.

If you have a system that needs a “CUSTOM ENGINEERED” SOLUTION to continue its operation, please contact us to discuss your options.

Annual Nurse Call System Audit

Whilst hospitals and some Health Care Facilities have Annual Audits mandated by law, Aged Care Facilities do not. However, we find most Aged Care Facilities are equally focused on delivering Best Practice operations, as specifically satisfying legal mandates, when it comes to resident care. Hence, most facilities adopt a decision to abide by an Annual System Audit, as specified in Australian Standards AS 3811-1998 Hard-wired patient alarm systems. Now you can forget the need to remember when yours in due, as we will schedule this annually for you, and call when your audit is due and arrange a visit by our qualified technicians to conduct your audit. (To encourage you to undertake an audit, we offer a reduced labour rate for this activity).

Your audit will give you peace of mind that your system is functional and operating to its capacity. Any shortfalls will be documented and quoted for repair, so your system can be certified as compliant for another year.

To schedule an Annual Audit, or to discuss one, please contact us.

System Integration

Over time you may have installed equipment with specific purposes, which could add value to your operation, if connected with, or integrated with other systems. For example, maybe you could be linking your phone system with your intercom or Nurse Call system. By doing so, you extract extra value out of the equipment you have. Often, organisations engage different suppliers to provide and install equipment across their facility, without realising that integration could provide an elevated level of operation. If you would like an assessment if any such improvements could be made at your facility, please call us for an opportunity to discuss your options.

Alternatively, there may be add on opportunities for your existing equipment which could expand its functionality. Examples of this might be the addition of DECT phones, pagers, or phone system integration with a Nurse Call System. Or the integration of electronic door locking, with Patient Wandering systems, access control integration with CCTV, hand held device applications for after-hours access……in fact, almost anything is possible. Let’s start a conversation to find solutions that can enhance your operations. If we don’t have the solution now, we will find it or create it, so please lay your challenge on us.

Remote Access Problem Solving

With the current progression toward software driven solutions, most facilities now have capacity for many of the system service/maintenance activities to be undertake remotely. By this approach, our technicians can diagnose and fix many problems without the need of a site visit. There are big advantages when using this capacity because we do not have to schedule a visit to attend your site and there is less delay in solving the problem. This is especially valuable if you operate in a remote or rural area. In addition to the time factor, you enjoy cost savings as well.

Even if your current system does not have remote access capacity, upgrading may well provide better functionality and cost savings over time. The conversation is certainly worth having, because it will be free, and may save you a lot. Please contact us so we can assess your options with you.

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