We have been Electrotek’s customer for many, many years. Their customer relationships absolutely matter to them. They have always provided prompt responses and reliable solutions. Their knowledge is amazing. Their technicians are friendly, and they know their work. Nothing is too much trouble. If there is a glitch they will find it and sort it out cost-effectively. We’ve just put in full new systems, but they kept our old systems going for ages until we were positioned for the change and we are very grateful to them for that; and for sorting the new systems. Their systems work. For me personally, I feel I can trust what they say and know that we are getting the best solutions for the right price.

Tanja Barri, Manager Service Delivery, Beaumont Care

Electrotek have been a supplier for Southern Cross Care for quite some time. I work with a number of different vendors. Electrotek is the most reliable. Their level of service and care is incomparable. They do what others won’t. It’s not that others can’t, it’s just that they are not prepared to do it. Electrotek is different. Residents are often nervous about change, and their technicians go to such an effort to minimise risk to our residents so that keeps my stress levels to a minimum. Each time they have totally delivered on what they say they are going to do, and their product—INDUNA—does what they say it will do.

Scott Norton, ICT Lead, Southern Cross Care

We design and make hospital equipment such as fitouts for emergency wards, cardiac emergency, operating theatres and so on. It’s very important that if someone goes into cardiac mode that there is a fast and reliable method of response. We have been involved in developing car park cardiac mobile units using high-end technology. When someone goes into cardiac mode, using Electrotek’s wireless ability in a mobile operating theatre situation and connecting that to the hospital system (where they can use the wireless annunciators) everyone can know what is going on in an emergency. Electrotek’s products are so innovative. We had a problem where nurses in a hospital were having trouble getting to the wired system in a staff duress or emergency situation. I talked with Electrotek and within 48 hours they came up with their Nurse Call pagers. They sorted it out immediately. You can’t put a value on that. It is just a different approach to the rest of the market industry.

Sergio Esteves, Managing Director, Medical Designs

When I was the head of Masonic Care IT I made all the technical decisions regarding Nurse Call and security technology. We were having huge issues with a big supplier and we just weren’t getting what we wanted. I have an engineering background and because of that I really could understand Electrotek’s solution, so I chose them. I get a bit worried about some of the other providers – the big companies and all their marketing hype. The wow factor that other companies go on with tends to get in the way of finding a result that is cost-effective and robust, but I could see through that and I picked the most effective engineering solution that would give us what we needed. We did three fairly significant installations with Electrotek. Some of our locations were very difficult and the solutions they offered just worked. They stand out in terms of their responsiveness (particularly in terms of helping solve our configuration problems), value for money (pricing structure), ease of installation and seamless integration with old systems.

Sam Colombo, Senior Project Manager, ISA Health Care Solutions & former IT GM Masonic Care

We do full electrical installations. I was looking for Nurse Call installers—it’s a specialist field. I got in touch with Electrotek. Their responsiveness and feedback on how to do what I was looking for was excellent. Their knowledge of Nurse Call installs is invaluable. Initially we wanted to go for a full wired system, but they persuaded us to consider adding wireless as it is equally reliable. By using wireless we bypassed the time and cost issues of cabling. Since then it’s the way we have preferred to go with them. They definitely value customer relations and they do follow through with suggestions to see if any further improvements can be done. They are fully aware and customer-based. It’s a totally good experience from start to finish.

Simon Bravey, MB Electrical

After struggling for some time with another company who didn’t understand the need to have everything working well for aged care, we have been delighted and stress free since working with Electrotek. The technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and provide a prompt service which ensure the risks to our residents are limited and the residents are assured the nurse-call system works when needing assistance. Being rural, it’s difficult to get a service provider who understands the needs and cares of aged care – thank you Electrotek for following through on items required.

Margaret Campbell, Facility Manager – Director of Nursing, Nanyima Aged Care