Induna Staff Duress

It is essential to provide a safe work environment for staff. Aged Care and Health Care service providers are well aware of the need to minimise risk. Electrotek provides trustworthy Staff Duress solutions for risk mitigation and staff protection for safer work environments.

INDUNA Staff Duress systems provide wireless duress buttons for nursing and other staff as needed. By pressing a button on a wireless pendant, designated staff can be notified of your emergency and your location, reducing response times when it matters most.

Depending on your unique needs, we can work with you to create a solution that addresses needs relevant to your site/facility. If you choose to install a new or use an existing ECall system to manage your staff duress system, you will have technology working for you that will enable your facility to remain up to date for many years to come – with software/firmware upgrading and system expandability at your disposal long term. Your staff safety is of primary importance now and in the future.

  • Wireless components deliver alarm and other event information to your reporting software
  • ECall software interprets wireless alert information and notifies designated relevant parties

Induna Staff Duress Mini

The INDUNA Staff Duress Mini has been designed for smaller working environments, where staff safety is paramount but costly staff duress systems prevent staff from being adequately protected.

The INDUNA Staff Duress Mini has been designed using a maximum of 5 transmitters and alerting directly to one or more pagers. This eliminates the need for a larger system which would incur additional and unnecessary costs.