Resident Location Tracking

The INDUNA Nurse Call systems have optional resident location tracking. This allows residents free movement within the village or facility, with the full and secure knowledge that should they require assistance, they will be located by responding staff anywhere within that facility – grounds or buildings – when they press their wireless pendant.

System features

  • Effective wireless system to enhance resident safety
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Monitoring on or off-site
  • Inovonics proven network infrastructure
  • Alarm and other event information linked to application software
  • Waterproof pendants with neck lanyard or wristband
  • Advanced functionality and reliability
  • Integrated with a network of wireless repeaters across facility
  • Facility/resident identity and location
  • Pendant check-in every 60 minutes
  • Battery life approx 3 years
  • Low battery alert
  • No monthly line rental fees for individual residents
  • Multiple options for management of the incoming alerts from resident activation Onsite handling – in-house paging, on-screen notification, email transmission
    • Offsite handling – monitoring service & actioning
    • Combination – onsite in business hours, external monitoring after hours

The Pendants

  • P67 Waterproof rating – sealed housing and watertight battery compartment allows residents to safely shower or bathe while wearing their pendant
  • Advanced functionality – bright lights signal alarm and low-battery conditions, with vibration feature confirming alarm activation
  • Alarm clearance with magnetic card of button press pattern
  • Enhanced wearability – neck lanyard and wristband options are specifically tailored for comfort and optional belt loop kit available

Additional Call Points (Optional)

For added convenience, Electrotek can install bedhead or ensuite call points and/or pendants and smoke detectors.

Resident Alarm Location (Optional)

This system has an optional RTLS (Real Time Location System), which allows residents free movement within the village, secure in the knowledge that should they require assistance, they will be located by responding staff anywhere within the – facility grounds or buildings.