Proactive Resilience

The concept of Presilience® was first coined by Dr. Gavriel Schneider (Gav) after several years of post-graduate research into the psychology of risk, along with his own post-doctoral studies. Presilience® is a portmanteau of Proactive Resilience, with the main emphasis being on a shift away from reactive compliance and recovery, and into the fully actualised state of Presilience®.

“There is no doubt that the world we live in is VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). We need a new approach to business strategy and risk management that creates a default setting enabling staff and leaders to thrive in new normal conditions. This approach is called Presilience®” Gav explained.

Dr. Gavriel Schneider is an acknowledged leader in human-based risk management and the psychology of risk and he is the CEO of Risk 2 Solutions (R2S). Electrotek is a proud member of the R2S group of companies and we are inspired by the leadership and guidance we receive. We embrace the Presilience® concept and share the benefits with our customers.

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The move towards Presilience  – Joint Authors:

Dr. Gavriel (Gav) Schneider FIRSM, FGIA, CPP, FIS (SA), FIML, FARPI

Mr. Tony McGuirk CBE, QFSM, MSc, FIFireE, FIIRSM

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