Clearing the Air on Wireless Nurse Call

Have you ever said something, meaning one thing, but the person you spoke to, received something different? It’s frustrating isn’t it? Often, my understanding of a term, is different to yours. Good communication requires the transmission to be on the same frequency as...

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If it works, don’t replace it

In the NurseCall world, lots of facilities over time have been incredibly frustrated that their installed System operates OK, so no need to replace it, but they cannot get replacement parts, because the manufacturer no longer exists, or doesn’t support that product....

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Falls Risk Mitigation

“Falls in older people are a major concern in terms of disability, institutionalisation, mortality and socioeconomic burden. An Australian study found 8% of women aged in their 40s, 14% in their 50s, 25% in their 60s and 40% in their 70s had experienced a fall in the...

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