In the NurseCall world, lots of facilities over time have been incredibly frustrated that their installed System operates OK, so no need to replace it, but they cannot get replacement parts, because the manufacturer no longer exists, or doesn’t support that product.

Generally, the callpoints and wiring in a NurseCall system are pretty “bullet proof” and hence provide minimal functionality problems. However, if the ancillary parts, like the pendants, fail, but they cannot be replaced, the system can be rendered useless. Therefore, it needs to be replaced. Which can be an unnecessarily costly exercise. And is a shame if it is working OK. However, its music to the manufacturer’s ears. Because they get to sell a new installation.

Something about this scenario has just seemed inherently wrong to us at Electrotek. A specific situation escalated the concern, to the point that a solution was sought.

You may or may not be familiar with the old Gladstone NurseCall System. For many years, almost the standard for hospitals and many aged care facilities. Mainly because it was so reliable and robust. It just kept working. Yes, some “bits”, like the pendants played up, but in all, the system just kept working.

The Gladstone callpoints are a very unique plug configuration, so only their own pendants worked. Accordingly, when the pendants were no longer manufactured, they could not be replaced. The tragedy here, is that the system itself was fine, but the pendants could not be replaced. This resulted in many facilities having to replace the system, because they could not use it without pendants. What a waste! And it just seems so wrong.

In order to provide an alternative to a system replacement, our technical guys sought a solution where the system could be retained, but could be operated via generic, industry standard pendants. The result was a replacement input socket that accepts a standard 6.5mm pendant plug. Not as simple as it sounds, because the wiring configuration needs to ensure all system functionality is maintained.


Panel with original Gladstone socket & pendant.


Panel with new generic 6.5mm socket and standard pendant

After much development, the project was completed, and now we can offer facilities a phenomenal cost saving, by allowing them to retain their incumbent system, but enabling utilisation of generic, standard pendant operation.

If you have a similar situation to this, that we may be able to find a solution for, please ring us, so we can explore your possibilities. We love a challenge!! Bring it on.