Project Description

Resident Alarm Location

TriCare Retirement Community provide a resort-style living for those in retirement.


Historically, resident alarm monitoring within a retirement community is based on a PSTN telephone-based dialler located within the resident’s unit dialing either a local or remote monitoring service for staff and/or emergency response.

With the current rollout of the NBN (National Broadband Network), these PSTN based diallers have become obsolete and need to be upgraded to either a 3G and/or NBN capable dialler with significant initial cost to the retirement community provider as well as the ongoing rental cost to the resident. In addition, when a resident is away from a unit but still within the retirement facility, a statically located unit dialler places is a resident at risk if something untoward happens that requires assistance.


The installation of our INDUNA Wireless Nurse Call system with Resident Location Tracking and wireless pendants offered a cost-effective path for the retirement community provider.

Key features of this solution:

  • Low-cost replacement of the nurse call system for the retirement community provider
  • No ongoing line rental costs for the resident
  • Resident Location on Alarm Activation within the retirement facility
  • Each radio device (resident pendant, repeater, wireless call point, etc.) is monitored by the monitoring software
  • Staff response can be monitored when a call is activated by resident and alarm cleared by the onsite staff member


This solution has been successfully deployed and enjoyed by four of the TriCare Retirement communities.