Project Description

Nurse Call/Staff Duress

The Park – Mental Health

This secure facility is a heritage-listed psychiatric hospital located in Wacol, Queensland.


There were several technical issues that needed to be addressed and a solution developed that would encompass the following:

  • EOL (End of Life) existing Nurse Call system that needed to be maintained for at least the next 10 years
  • The existing head-end node controllers that were starting to randomly fail
  • The existing head-end node controllers were disconnecting from the closed LAN haphazardly without maintenance staff knowing the state of the connected devices
  • Instability of the closed local area network
  • No visibility of the field devices (node controllers, annunciators, etc.) by the onsite maintenance staff
  • Upgrade of the network – this had to be done in a cost-effective manner and without significant disruption to the operational activity within the facility
  • Staff Duress events, being critical for the functioning of this highly secure facility, were not recorded for management/maintenance review.


A significant challenge that Electrotek faced was that the existing head-end node controllers operated on their own private LAN. As part of our overall upgrade, we had to ensure that the new/replacement controllers were to be connected to the facility’s LAN for the maintenance staff to monitor. In addition, the upgrade had to be executed without a significant impact on the daily operation of the hospital and implemented in a staged deployment to ensure that staff were not placed at risk.

The proposal offered encompassed:

  • Install a centralised ECall monitoring and reporting server in the security communications room, connected to the facilities LAN
  • Replace the existing head end node controllers with our Protocol Interface Controller and connect to the facility’s LAN
  • Rewire the existing annunciators and connect them to the ECall monitoring and reporting server
  • Install and configure an ECall client viewer for the onsite maintenance staff in their workshop


The upgrade was implemented as per our proposal and has now been operational for over 3 years.