The NurseCall Market, globally, is actually quite a small market – relatively speaking. When compared to generic sectors such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture, etc. we occupy a very insignificant space. So logically, far less Research & Development money will be spent on evolving Nurse Call products – compared to the other sectors mentioned.
This being the case, it seems logical, that sectors with bigger budgets for product development (based on research) come up with the more advanced and evolved outcomes. It’s just a pure mathematical issue of common sense. The big developments are where the big money is spent. And the big money is spent in areas of greatest application.

Recently, the Nurse Call “world” has launched some impressive developments and well advanced developments.
However, these have come from a pretty limited “research and development pool” from a global perspective.
At Electrotek, our passion is to craft and deliver a solution that is the best available, for your needs. So the relatively small development “pool” for the sector, from our engineering perspective, provides only a glimpse of what is potentially possible. In order to open up the options, we have “strayed from the pack”, and explored what other sectors are developing and assessing how their progress can be adapted/modified for premium outcomes for us.

One of the most significant is our capitalising on some significant evolution in the domain of wireless technology.

Mesh Network for WIreless Nursecall
Some massive steps have been made with the reliability and application of wireless technology (transmitters and receivers) in arenas such as electronic security – a massive sector globally. Even the frequency range of operation has progressed to create a “clean” space with minimal interference AND NO LICENSE needed. So we have taken that advancement in technology and wrapped it around call points and Nurse Call components, so our customers can now benefit from the billions of dollars spent on this development (much more than would ever be spent on the small Nurse Call Sector).

INDUNA Wireless Nurse Call

Similarly, the manufacturing sector is totally driven by improving how things are done. Accordingly, there is an inordinate amount of research dollars spent on making more robust, reliable and resilient components and machinery to “get the job done” better. We have taken a component that is fundamental in improving reliability in manufacturing environments, which tend to be very unforgiving. That says to us, that the components will be far less likely to fail in the relatively gentle and stable environments that Nurse Call Systems are installed in.

IP Nurse Call Ward Controller

The IP controller we have chosen is from this industrial evolution and proves incredibly stable and reliable. It stays alive when many others fall over. It’s a case of taking the best, and adapting it to our application. Leveraging off the resources poured into the massive global sectors who have the money and reason to invest heavily in research and development.
The good news for you, is that you have the opportunity to benefit from this planet wide surge of technological advancement, as it can be applied to your need for premium resident/patient care within your specific caring environment. Your challenge and need will be welcomed as an ideal platform to embrace these developments and apply them to an environment/application which really matters.
Please give us a call and let’s explore what we can do for you, with the latest in technological advancements (and not just those from “our” sector).